In Mom-Mom’s Arms

My Mom is the most self-less, generous person in my life. She is a Mother of five children, the Grandmother of 13, and a Mother figure to countless others.

Now that I am a Mother, I finally understand a lot of what she has been talking about over the years. She told me I would eventually “get it” when I had kids of my own one day. As always, she was right!

Seeing her take on the role of Grandmother ten years ago when John David III was born was inspirational. It was no surprise that she jumped head first into her new role. Here we are now in 2021 and she has 13 grandchildren. Her love and devotion to them is fierce and it has been a pleasure watching her enjoy them.

My Mom was in the delivery room with me when I gave birth to Lucy. Having her by my side was amazing and at times hilarious. I was pretty upset that she was not allowed to be with me when Zachary was born. Despite the uncertainty of the pandemic, she was there for Zachary from the start in any way she could be.

That’s my Mom. Always there, always ready to lend a hand or share a piece of advice. She can make you laugh till you cry or if you’re crying she’ll help you laugh.

Here’s to you, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day, birthday, and 40th wedding anniversary!

In Mom-Mom’s Arms

In Mom-Mom’s arms there is safety.

There is endless love.

There is perpetual warmth.

A weary body finds much needed rest.

Dreams are conjured.

Time slips away,

In Mom-Mom’s arms. 

In Mom-Mom’s arms, tears are dried.

Troubles don’t exist.

Smiles are abundant,

In Mom-Mom’s arms.

In Mom-Mom’s arms, our babies have been cradled.

They’ve dreamed, they’ve smiled, they’ve laughed.

They’ve learned security,

In Mom-Mom’s arms.

These babies who have been cradled will continue to grow and grow.

They will grow to be strong.
They will grow to be confident.

They will grow to be good human beings,

Because they spent their early days in Mom-Mom’s arms.

3 responses to “In Mom-Mom’s Arms”

  1. This is beautifully written as usual. Your mom is a great mom Kate and a wonderful sister too!! She has done a wonderful job raising a you- a very strong woman who has become a very, very good mother herself! ❤️😍

  2. What a special tribute . Only met your mom once so far, and she is so warm and genuine.
    As a Mom of four, I can relate to her efforts, and strength for her children and grans. Beautiful Kate.

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