Because of You

Only a handful of weeks before we get to meet our precious little one!



It was a Sunday morning when I found out about you.

Your dad was away for the weekend, so I was by myself.

I’m not sure what made me want to take the test, but I did. Maybe I just knew you were already there.

When I saw the two lines on the stick, I breathed a sigh of relief and excitement.

I had to go to your cousin’s christening that day. A full day with extended family and I couldn’t say a word about you. It was tough. All I could think about was you and how happy your father would be with the news. I was quiet that day, mulling over in my head all the possibilities of you.

Later that night, I picked up your dad and we went to our house. We were in the basement together when I told him about you. He wore that smile that I fell in love with when I first met him. He held me like I was the only person in the world. His excitement surged from his body to mine. I took a second test that night to ensure it was true. It was. Our lives were taking yet another turn.

There were two times during the year when our hearts were broken like we’d never experienced. We found ourselves tumbling along together trying to make sense of it all. Even though there were days when we didn’t feel strong enough to keep trying, we did anyway. We did because our love for each other and our dreams were stronger than the hurt. We overcame together. That love created you.

Because of the thought of you, we persevered. Because of the possibility of you, we kept our heads held high. You were our driving force.

Because of you, our hearts have been healed in a way we couldn’t imagine.

You are our light, our heart, our rainbow at the end of the storm.

3 responses to “Because of You”

  1. What a beautiful writer you are, it’s always from your heart, I really admire you……God Bless all of you.💙😘

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