Can’t Stop The Feeling

Six years go on this day I met my husband, Zachary Ells. You know, that guy I occasionally gush about in my blog posts and post pictures of on social media without him knowing. We met at a Sam Adams beer tasting event at a bar and grill called Magerk’s.* I can honestly say, since that day, I haven’t stopped smiling.

Zachary Morris Ells is a special kind of person. First of all he is the original Zach Morris.

“My middle name is Morris.”

“Wait, what?! You mean I am dating Zach Morris?”

I of course texted my brothers and all my friends the hilarious news that my new boyfriend was Zach Morris. I asked him why he didn’t tell everyone that he had the same name as the heartthrob character from the Saved By The Bell series and he just said he didn’t think it was a big deal. I of course thought it was the greatest thing ever. But that’s just how Zach is. He’s humble. He doesn’t like people making a big deal about him. He prefers to give the spotlight to others.

Well, today I am happy to take the opportunity to shine the spotlight on him. I know 6 years isn’t a milestone or anything, but I feel it’s fitting to give Zach his shout out considering we are both entering a new decade of our lives…30… I also think it’s appropriate because I think we grew up a lot in different ways this past year and I just want the world to know how great he is.

Zach Ells is the kindest, most thoughtful human being you will ever meet. He has an infectious personality and a unique zest for life. He can find the positive side in any situation. He works hard and puts 100% of himself into everything he does. He faces any problem head on and analyzes the solutions until he finds the right one. He’d do anything for anyone. When you speak, he listens closely to every word you say. He never judges others. It is so easy to be myself around him, no matter how weird that may be.

He has a smile that literally brightens a room. Like I’ve seen lightbulbs go on when Zach smiles, it’s wild. He is the happiest person on the planet and his happiness is electric. I feel honored that I get to contribute to that happiness. He lifts me up when I am down and keeps me grounded when I get too bonkers. I know they say perfection is impossible, but Zach Ells is a damn near perfect human being.

As cliché or corny as it sounds, from the moment I met him, I knew something was different about him. I felt comfortable with him right away. It was as if I had known him for years already. Love at first sight? I don’t want to sound too fairy tale-ish, but yeah. I really think I knew in my heart that I was going to be with him forever.

We have had a crazy fun journey thus far and I consider myself super blessed to spend my life with Zach. He makes me want to be the best person I can be. He inspires me every day. He makes me laugh and instills in me an insatiable zest for life. Most importantly, he loves me with his whole heart.

Here’s to you Zachary Morris Ells. I hope I don’t embarrass you too much!


*Shout out to my friend Jess Pasquarella for working for Sam Adams and bringing us together that night!!

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