Who is she


She looks at photos of herself from years past.
Who is that girl, she questions.
That girl knows joy.
That girl knows excitement.
She is unaware of struggles.

She turns to look in the mirror.
Who is she now, she questions.
She is a new version of the girl in the photos.
She has a tainted spirit.
She is aware of struggles and has let pain overtake her.

She steps outside and looks up at the sky.
Who will she become, she questions Him.
Why has she been given these struggles?
When will she feel okay again?
She listens hard only to hear the soft whistling of the wind.

She feels frustration billowing inside of her.
Who is she to ask these questions?
Why does she think He will give her the answers that so many others seek?
When will she have the strength to understand?
She breathes deep in hopes of inhaling wisdom and faith.

She directs her attention to the path ahead of her.
She arms herself with her cloak of strength to prepare for the unknown.
She wills herself to march forward because that’s what she must do.
Who is she, she questions.
She is woman.




2 responses to “Who is she”

  1. I love this too and you are always in my thoughts, heart and prayers.
    Who is she? She is woman BUT she is a very, very strong woman and one day she will know her strength (in case she doubts it now),

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