Never a Dull Moment


Hello earth, it’s been a while. I haven’t written in a few weeks, not for lack of content or inspiration, but for lack of concentration and motivation. I go through ebbs and flows of wanting to write my blog and teetering on the edge of giving it all up. Well, today I decided to keep it up for now. Hopefully you enjoy what I have to say.

I’ll start with my family updates, duh. There are a few life-altering events occurring in the house of Sprandio, one being the impending nuptials of my little brother Shane. Yes, you read that correctly, Shane Sprandio is getting MARRIED. That’s 4 Sprandio weddings in 4 years. My parents need to go on a very long trip after this one.

Yes, the youngest Sprandio is taking the plunge. Shane, the one who willingly spent hours playing Barbie with me and joined me in numerous tea parties, the kid who used to have a high-pitched voice and wear Toy Story boxers. That kid is getting married.

Shane and I have been buddies since we were little. I think I probably mentioned that in an earlier post, so pardon me if I seem repetitive. Just ask Zach. I repeat stories quite often. At least you guys only have to read my stories every few weeks! Looking back now, when we were little, Shane and I were similar to Pinky and the Brain. Remember them? I think you can guess who was who. I was taller and goofier, Shane was smaller and much more intelligent. Now he’s taller, and still much more intelligent.


Shane has been and always will be one to do what he wants. He doesn’t jump in on things solely because everyone else is doing it, unlike his sister. An example is when I sign up to run a 5k (because a lot of people are doing it), I’ll say to Shane, “Hey, want to run a 5k with us?” His answer is, “Why? I don’t understand the point of that.” He doesn’t understand the point, he’s not interested, so he doesn’t partake. Another example is, “Shane, have another beer.” “No, thanks, I’m good.” “Oh, come on, stay out a little later.” And guess who would have the hangover in the morning.


I greatly admire my little brother, especially now as I watch him grow into an adult. He left his comfort zone in Philadelphia and traveled across the country to pursue his dream of becoming a professor of history. He applied to other schools, but this one had exactly what he wanted. He went where he needed to go. He has a lot of courage. I couldn’t have traveled that far away from home to live on my own. It took me until marriage to be taken out of Chestnut Hill. Now I’m 30 minutes away in center city and I feel like that’s far.

His fiancé did a similar thing. She came to Philadelphia to study at Villanova. She didn’t know anyone and has no family here. Little did she know, she’d end up meeting her husband. Taking a big step and venturing out on your own can take you on an amazing path. Shane and Nina are proof of that. Their decisions to attend Villanova for grad school led them to each other. Their story is adorable. They had class together, they became best friends, and fell in love. Since getting to know the two of them as a couple, I have been reassured time and again that Shane has found himself a great match. Their independence and drive to pursue their dreams is admirable. I can be protective over Shane, whether he sees it or not. I am happy to say I am overjoyed for him and I am excited to see what the future brings for the two of them. They bring out the best in each other, and that’s all a sister could ask for her brother. A kind, intelligent woman who makes him happy and makes him want to be the best he can be. They are getting married this December. I say that’s a great month to get married. I’ll pretend that they were inspired by me.


Another big event is happening about a month before Shane and Nina wed. John and Mary will welcome their fourth child. Yet another niece or nephew for me to spoil. You all know how crazy I am about my nieces and nephews. I can’t wait to see what this one will be like. It’s been hilarious and endearing watching John, Grace, Leo, and Sadie develop their personalities. This year is turning out similar to last year, a baby and a wedding on the way. Last year it was Brian and Shannon with the baby and me with the wedding, this year John and Mary with the baby and Shane with the wedding. Since there are no more Sprandio kids to marry off, I guess it’ll just be Sprandio babies from here on out.


I’d like to take this moment to thank and congratulate the five individuals who have agreed to spend the rest of their lives with the Sprandio kids. Mary, Lesley, Shannon, Zach, and Nina, the five of you are the smartest people I know. I must say you picked some stellar spouses. You are also brave! We are a tight knit group and each of you has fit in perfectly. You all bring out the best in each of us. My brothers and I are blessed to have found such amazing partners for this crazy journey we call life. Thank you for choosing us.

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