On Wednesdays, I Write

Wednesday has become my writing day. As you all know by now, I work for my Dad. I work for him four days a week. On Wednesdays, I take time to nurture my writing career. I feel as though I should say “career.” When people ask me what I do, I often say I work for my Dad. I hesitate a little bit and follow it up with, “I’m also trying to be a writer.”

I was at the Apple store a few weeks ago purchasing a new charger for my computer. I love the Apple store. It’s like walking into paradise. Wall to wall electronics and electronic accessories. It’s glorious to me. One of my favorite things about going there is I have a talent for getting in and out rather quickly. I often go in and know exactly what I want. I cannot be suckered into purchasing extra things that I don’t need like most shoppers. A lot of people who go in don’t know much about the products they are purchasing, so they can easily be persuaded to buy more.

So I go in, I find my way to the section with chargers. A man spotted me and immediately asked if he could help. I said I need a charger for a 13inch macbook pro, it’s about four years old.

He grabbed the charger I needed.

“Okay then, here you go, that was easy!” He said with a large smile. “Do you need anything else today?”

“Nope, just this,” I said. My tone was a little short. I wanted to get in and out. I didn’t feel much like participating in small talk.

As he was ringing me up, he said, “So what are you doing out on a Wednesday afternoon? Do you have off today?”

I shifted my feet. “Yes,” I said. I smiled and hesitated. “Actually, I work in an office four days a week. I’m trying to be a writer, so on Wednesdays I write.”

“Wow,” he said as he swiped my credit card. Another $80 to Apple. You’re welcome Apple.

“Yeah,” I said. “I’ve had a couple stories published and I’ve done some freelance journalism.”

“You’re published? Then you aren’t ‘trying,’ you ARE a writer! I am talking to a famous published author,” he shouted.

I smiled, thinking the Apple sales-people really know how to sell. I felt so good about myself I almost wanted to say I actually do have a few more things I need, just to make his day better.

“I guess I am an author, yeah.” I laughed.

He put my purchase in the bag and smiled at me.

“Well, good luck with everything and keep writing,” he said.

“Thanks a lot,” I said.

I walked out of there feeling different. Since that innocent, mundane conversation, I have encountered a few people who have asked me what I do and my answer has changed.

“I’m a writer. I work for my Dad in his office a few days a week and I’m a writer.”

It’s funny how a complete stranger’s view can change your view of yourself. You never know how what you say can affect those around you.

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