Aging. What is this sorcery?

I am 27 years old. Hard to believe, right?

To those older than me, is there any point in life when you stop saying, “I can’t believe I am (insert age here)!” Because every year since I’ve turned 20, I consistently cannot believe my age. I was 20 seven years ago. SEVEN. I can’t comprehend this. I know 27 isn’t old by any means, but it sounds old. When I was a little girl, I would imagine what I would be like when I was in my 20s. I really haven’t changed all that much, even in size.

My 20s seemed like such a desirable period. I’m not really sure why. In my mind, your 20s were when you get out of college and join the ever wonderful “real world,” and you still get to have fun while learning to be more serious about your life. Once you hit your late 20s the big stuff happens and you begin to grow up in preparation for your serious and daunting 30s.

I’m in my late 20s and I wouldn’t call myself 100% grown up. But then there’s the question, what exactly makes you a grown up? Paying bills? Living on your own? Making something for dinner that requires more than a push of a microwave button? I do all of those things, so I am a grown up. I don’t feel it though, I still feel young at heart. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. For years, I kept waiting for that moment, that moment when it all slapped me in the face YOU’RE A GROWN UP. But that moment didn’t happen all at once. It’s been gradually happening and I didn’t realize it. I’ve been known to be an unobservant person because I’m constantly lost in my own mind. Ask my mom. It drives her nuts. And my boyfriend. If anyone knows how insane I am, it’s him.

That’s one of the funny things about life. As I have said many a time on this redundant blog, we all get caught up in things that we don’t realize life is moving on. I’ve caught myself saying, “When is my life going to begin.” Duh, Kate, it’s already in motion. The older I get, it feels like it’s going faster. On the VCR of life, somebody clicked fast forward. Remember VCR’s? Talk about old. Those babies are relics.

Reflecting back, I can pin-point when life seemed to fast forward. It was when my oldest brother got married seven years ago. I don’t know why, but when he got married it seemed like everyone started to grow up.

John & Mary

Three months after he got married, I turned 21. Which may not have been the best thing to happen to my liver….or my dignity.

21  21st bday  Me & Ash 21 bday

I survived being 21 and I graduated college at the ripe age of 22. Just two months after graduation, I got a nephew! As I’ve said before, gaining a nephew made me feel more grown up, made me feel like I had a responsibility to make him proud.

Grad        Lil J

A year and a few months after that I started grad school. Two months after that, I met a really great guy who I can’t imagine life without!

Me & Z

Six months after that, I got a niece. Funniest, cutest little girl I have ever known. Definitely takes after her Aunt Kate.

Me & G      Me & G 2

About a year after that, I graduated grad school AND got another sister-in-law (my second oldest brother got married).

Grad School GradLesley    Lesley & Mike

Six months after that, I got another nephew!

Me & Leo

And FINALLY, 10 months after my new nephew…..


Me & Shannon   Me and Brian

My 3rd oldest brother got married on October 10th. I know it must be emotional and hard for my mom to watch her boys get married, but it’s not so easy for a little sister to give her big brothers away! Life is changing once again, and while it is very exciting, it’s also a little bittersweet. But I honestly could not be happier for my big brothers and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for their lives.

All of these life altering events began when I was 20. Yes, I’m reeling it back in and making it all about myself now. Let’s refocus here.

I can’t imagine what is going to happen by the time I turn 30. I have a feeling a lot more good things will happen in the next 3 years. I have one more brother to give away and I’m sure I’m going to have a lot more nieces and nephews!

It’s safe to say, my 20s have been one of the best decades thus far.

SIDE NOTE: Part of the title of this blog “What is this sorcery?” is a quote from the movie Frozen. If anyone figured that out before the end, come see me and I’ll give you a high five.

Yeah, I’m a grown up.

OH, AND ONE MORE THING BEFORE I GO. I can’t end this aging post without thanking everyone who humored me and attended my birthday party this year. I had a blast. I thought about not doing it because I thought maybe I’m getting too old for it, but I never listen to myself. THANK YOU ALL. I only have these parties because I love nothing more than being surrounded by the people I care about the most, friends and family. Here’s a recap of all the parties I’ve had.

24 hit the floor
24 Hit The Floor
25 I Will Survive
25 I Will Survive
26 In My Pumped Up Kicks
26 In My Pumped Up Kicks
27: The Roaring 20s
27: The Roaring 20s

Here’s to 28……The Year of Kate.

2 responses to “Aging. What is this sorcery?”

  1. Tears, laughter, you are soooooooo special, I just told your Dad that the other night when I spoke to him……
    Love Ya…….

  2. so sweet all your big life moments are mine too!! lol 🙂 growing up is fun, and 30’s are even better 🙂 love you to pieces katie j!

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