September: 30 Day Challenge, one second of video a day

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s I love to film things. I think I get that trait from my Dad. Growing up, I can always remember him with a video camera. When we were really young, it was a huge one that he carried on his shoulder. Thankfully, for the health of his shoulders and back, technology advanced as time passed and he eventually got a handheld camcorder. I took on the role of the family filmographer when I was a teenager. I still am the one who takes a lot of the family photos at events and I make the family montage videos for special occasions. I love doing it. I love looking back at old photos and watching videos. It’s heartwarming. It’s such an amazing way to keep track of the past. While meandering around the Internet one evening, I stumbled upon a website that listed 30 day challenges. I’m always up for something that’ll help me stray from the normal humdrum of the week, so I read on. I saw one post about a 30 day challenge of taking one second of video per day. Naturally, I thought this was awesome. It involved taking video and documenting my own life, and being self-obsessed….I LOVE MY LIFE, I decided to try it. Below are my clips put together. I think this is something I will continue through other months. I would like to try and get more creative with it. I was surprised that I remembered each day to take one second of video, no matter how mundane the task was, such as laundry, heating up a bowl of Spaghettios, or watching my boyfriend cook.

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