Griffin for Life

On April 5th, I attended the scholarship gala at my college, Chestnut Hill. This was my third year on the planning committee. Giving back to CHC has become so important to me and I’m grateful I can do so. I not only received a great education there, but I learned invaluable life lessons. The people I met, the professors who taught me, they all helped mold me into who I am. I know it’s cliche, but those four years were literally some of the best of my life thus far. I know I’m only 26 and I plan on having many, many more great years, but those 4 were so defining.

I remember when I was looking at colleges, I wasn’t too keen on applying to Chestnut Hill. I wasn’t thinking entirely about where I would get the best education. I was 17 and I didn’t know my ass from a hole in the ground. I was thinking of where would be a cool place to go, where I would have fun, where my friends were going, or where my older brothers went. I also wasn’t too keen on going to a school that was down the street from my house and down the street from my high school. How many people do you know who went to high school and college on the same street? Not many! At the time I didn’t like the idea, now I think it’s awesome because it’s different. I embrace being different now. I didn’t so much back then.

My parents spent a lot of time with me helping me figure out what school would fit best. I wanted to be a biology major and planned on becoming a veterinarian. They were most impressed with Chestnut Hill’s bio department. We decided CHC was the place for me. Reflecting back, I am so grateful for the time my parents spent with me. They understood that I needed help in making a big decision. I don’t know if they realize how thankful I am for the help they have given me my whole life. They’re still helping me!

I ended up changing my major at the end of freshman year to English. I found what I really loved and developed the courage to pursue it. I developed the courage to be myself and be proud of who I am. Many people know I used to make videos that I would post on YouTube. They’re completely ridiculous and I had the time of my life making them. The two girls I made them with lived next door to me. I was a shy person when I first started there, but the people I met those first few weeks made me realize I didn’t need to be afraid of being outgoing. Making those videos was my way of making my first mark at CHC. By the way, if you’ve never seen them, I suggest you check them out: They’re hilarious. I was a YouTube star back then.

Going to the gala, donating money, putting in time to help plan an event that raises money to help kids go there is very important to me. I want kids to be able to experience the kinds of things I experienced. I want them to have the best years of their lives. I can’t quite described the feeling I get when I go back there. It’s like going home. Seeing old friends, professors, and the administration is heart warming. Everyone is so kind and genuinely interested in each other’s lives and success. I’ve brought my boyfriend with me each time I’ve gone and it’s great for him to meet people who knew me then. It’s important to me to connect my present and future with my past.

Colleges are notorious for hitting people up for money as soon as they graduate, and people get annoyed by that. But giving back to a place that helped mold who you are today is important. Even if you can’t donate money, donating your time is just as helpful. I’m so grateful I have been able to stay connected with CHC and I plan to continue to stay connected for years to come. CHC is my family and it’s so important to stay connected to family, to people who you can turn to in times of need, people you know will always be there for you, people who know you for you and like you for you…..even if you can be completely ridiculous….which I can be.

I like to call CHC a diamond in the rough. It can sometimes be overshadowed by the bigger schools, which is a shame because it’s such a unique place. I want to thank every person I encountered at CHC. Whether we spoke every day or we spoke once. I appreciate each and every one of you. This post can sort of piggy back off the previous post with the idea that it’s important to reflect back and remember who you once were because who you are today has grown from who you were yesterday. I know with each passing year I may continue to change and grow, but I know I will always be a Griffin for life. I’ve probably overused the word important in this post. But it’s important that I tell you how important this is to me! I think it’s important that I get  a thesaurus, perhaps imperative that I get a thesaurus.

Below are some pictures from this year’s gala….look at them….it’s important.

Most handsome guy ever? Yup.
Most handsome guy ever? Yup.
I was obsessed with my dress
I was obsessed with my dress.
Keeping it classy
Keeping it classy.
Sister Carol Jean Vale. One of the most amazing people ever.
Sister Carol Jean Vale. One of the most amazing people ever.

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