I’ve been published! I’ve been submitting to a variety of publications since finishing school and I finally got a story published. It’s a pretty cool feeling. I remember when I was in graduate school my teacher told us that we would get our fair share of rejections. At the time, I thought it wasn’t very encouraging to tell us, but of course I’ve become wiser since then and I realize that is in fact a very important thing to tell a young writer. We need to know it’s not all rainbows and sunshine right out of the gate. If we enter the daring, daunting world of writing thinking we’ll be praised immediately, we’re only setting ourselves up for disappointment. I remember the first few rejections I received, I felt a little down. But I got over it and figured there are a hell of a lot of other publications out there, somebody will accept me.


And sure enough I got that first one. I feel like with anything once you get one out of the way, you gain more confidence and are more willing to be fearless and put yourself out there a little more than before. I know I got a little boost after hearing this news. Thanks to all of you for reading this blog and be sure to download this ebook Suddenly Lost In Words, not only to support yours truly, but also to support the publication and the other talented writers who are featured in it!



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