Back to regular programming/New nephew

So I tried out doing a vlog post as some of you may have seen. And I deleted it. I didn’t really like it. I rambled too much and the voice didn’t match up with my lips moving. It was a trial run and I’ve decided to stick to writing for now. For those of you who didn’t get a chance to watch it (lucky you), my vlog post focused on an exciting event….I have another nephew! His name is Leo. He was born Thursday January 9th, weighing in at 8lbs 14oz. Big boy! It doesn’t matter how many kids are born into my growing family, each time is amazing and special. I was able to go to the hospital to see him the day he was born. After being around John and Grace, I forgot how tiny a new born is!

There is nothing like holding a new born baby. They are so delicate and beautiful. You’re holding a brand new life in your arms. Their little eyes are filled with wonder and excitement mixed with a little nervousness. They soak up every moment like a sponge. It really is breathtaking. They’re a miracle. It’s also cool to see how their personalities develop. John and Grace are similar but also very different. Watching them interact with each other and other people is hilarious and heart warming. I can’t wait to see what Leo will be like as he grows up.


Me and Leo!


Me and Grace 🙂


Grace and John napping before they met their new brother. I am the nap whisperer!

So many new and exciting things are happening. I love being able to share all of this with everyone. I hope you all enjoy reading about it. Tough luck if you don’t, I’m gonna keep writing! haha. 2014 is off to a very good start. So happy for my brother and sister-in-law. Congratulations to a beautiful family of 5!

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